Cleo Tjitrodipo

Massaging is Cleo 

Tjitrodipo's second nature. He grew up in the cultural melting pot of Suriname, in the Javanese tradition of "Kejawen". This includes Islamic (soefi) influences and animistic, Hindu and Buddhist elements.


As soon as a child can walk, it is gradually deployed in the manner of massaging ("Pijat") by walking across the body of his (grand) parents. For example, this tradition and technique have been passed on from parent to child for generations.


With this background, it was a logical step for Cleo to work as a massage therapist. He completed a 4-year (HBO) degree at the "Academy for Massage and Movement" in Amsterdam. There he has created a wide range of techniques, such as Esalen massage, Deep tissue, Rolfing, Pulsing, Trigger point and Joint motion.


Later, he specializes in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn) and Ruesi Dat Ton, in Amsterdam and Chiang Mai.


As a massage therapist, he also has extensive experience in treating yoga teachers, yoga practitioners and dancers.