Garmt Wiersma

When I attended my first yoga classes when I was 16 and was in a meditation group, I knew that this should give me peace and balance, but how? Every time I closed my eyes, I felt as if I were locked up in a too small prison cell, where I could be liberated with only one eye opening.


It was not until I landed at a Rainbow festival later that I felt the need to learn to sit still, and that you needed control and awareness.


Not much later, in 1996, I met an elderly yogi who taught us asthanga yoga on the beach. This is a dynamic form of yoga that appealed to me. On my travels to India, and through the teachers I met, I realized the transformative power of yoga. And now I still feel how yoga transforms my vision of life: The only way out is to turn in.


Garmt teaches about 7 years. He has followed lessons and trainings from David Svenson (Ashanga), Jayendra Hanley (Anusara), Anat Geiger (Yin) and Vinyasa from Nicole Decov, Marcel van der Vis Heill, Gosta van Dam and Partick Vermeulen at Svaha yoga.

The pleasure of teaching for him is in giving and sharing in the realization that we are all on our way to a better place here and now.

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