Pricelist yoga

€ 50 per month

Unlimited yoga classes

Minimum 2 years

€ 60 per month

Unlimited yoga classes

Minimum 1 year

€ 70 per month

Unlimited yoga classes

€ 50 per month

2 yoga classes/week

9 yoga classes/month

€ 15

€ 7,50

Unlimited classes

€ 115 

valid 12 weeks

€ 65 

valid 8 weeks

€ 70

€ 630 / 10x

€ 90 

€ 840 / 10x 

* Your membership will continue automatically unless you cancel a month in advance.

Pricelist treatments

To be eligible for compensation, you must have an additional insurance. In addition, each insurer also varies the amount and the maximum compensation per year. Below you will find the rates for 2017. In the list Reimbursements you will find the list of insurers who compensate our consultations.


Suzanne Reynaert is affiliated with the BATC and Cleo Tjitrodipo at the NVST.

Naturopathic therapy

Chair massage

Relaxation massage





Deep Tissue massage 



Thai Yoga massage

Thaise foot reflexologie



Should you wish to cancel or shift the appointment, please note that cancellations within 24 hours will be charged.


Please pay per PIN.

Subscriptions are subject to automatic deduction.


Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest also works on location. Contact us for information.