Merdan Akbayir

Merdan Akbayir studied Biology and found out early in his studies that he does not want to work behind the microscope, analysing microorganisms he can not even see with his eyes. Instead he found his passion in working with the one thing one can directly experience, the body. From studying dance and massage, his journey went further traveling around the globe on his quest to learn about life & spirituality. After completing his meditation teacher training in Rishikesh /India, he finally deciding to follow this path further by studying yoga in depth completing the 500hr Vinyasa Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam. 


In Yoga all comes together for him. Moving the body, learning by direct experience about oneself, choreographing the sequence of postures, refining the body & mind more and more to finally move beyond, to stillness & peace. Yoga has been a best friend to him, always there on his side, giving him support, strength and answers to his questions about life, bringing him closer to himself.


He loves to share his passion and curiosity to empower other beings on their way to well-being. Join one of his classes.  With a focus on breath and alignment, you can expect a blend of dynamic postures with a more intense flow and steady postures with taking time to sink in. Eventually ending in the final posture, where you can let go completely.