Norman Kouwenhoven

Norman Kouwenhoven started yoga in 2000 in search of peace, tranquility and relaxation in his hectic life in the theater, where he worked as a

theater maker and actor.


He was immediately, as they say, "hooked". Yet it took a while for yoga to become a big part of his life. There were a number of physical injuries and a period of self-reflection needed to discover the healing effect of yoga.

With his lessons Norman tries to get in touch with as many people as possible and give them a similar experience as he did. The experience that

Yoga can be healing for both body and mind. That yoga is more than the asanas and not only on the mat, but also, or perhaps precisely,

off the mat.

In the lessons of Norman you can expect a lot of flow, the dynamic flow of Hatha Vinyasa, and the calmer flow of Hatha Basics. But no matter what class he teaches, it is always with a personal approach and with a lot of room for personal attention.