Robin Hoek

Yoga has been in my life since my earliest memories. Both my parents and my grandparents practiced Hatha Yoga. When I was three, my grandmother went to India to stay at a Hatha Yoga ashram. After returning, she ran a yoga center in Bussum for years. I learned my first sun salutation from my father when I was about eight years old. Yoga philosophy was naturally present in the background in my upbringing. Still, it took more than thirty years before I started to practice yoga myself. After this renewed introduction, yoga quickly became my passion. Within a year I started training Transformative Yoga at Sai Mithra in Amsterdam and from 2001 I started teaching there.


From Hatha to Vinyasa

In 2007 I discovered Vinyasa Yoga. I was immediately so touched by the special combination of physical challenge and meditative concentration that I decided to go deeper into this yoga style and develop. I followed two Vinyasa courses: at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam and at Yoga Moves in Utrecht.


A great gift

I think it's wonderful to see that every yoga class has its own unique flow. Some lessons are exuberant and full of energy, other times the atmosphere is quiet and very concentrated. I experience that I can contribute to people becoming aware of their body and breathing and thereby connecting to their essence as a great gift.