Sharon Sprenger

After taking part in her first yoga class, about 20 years ago, Sharon felt a deep sense of ease, calm and gratitude; something she hadn’t experienced before in sports or other activities. This tasted like more, and the yoga practice became her guiding compass through different stages in her life. Yoga made her a stronger and more centered person – not only on a physical level but mentally and emotionally as well.


‘I believe that it is essential to work with the body, the breath, especially in these current times when we are subjected to all kinds of incentives and a broad spectrum of choices. Through the yoga practice we are reacquainted with our bodily intelligence. This way, we learn to constructively use this intelligence when we are faced with obstacles and challenges in our lives.’


Sharon completed the 500hr Vinyasa Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam and developed a deep love for the art of teaching yoga. Her classes combine a physically challenging flow, technique, alignment, philosophy and mantra chanting, spiced up with a good sense of humor. She followed classes, training sessions and workshops with a.o. Jules Febre, Rusty Wells, Sandra Carson, Anat Geiger, Afke Reijenga, Dwayne Holliday, Gwen Langenberg, Regina Potma and Johan Noorloos.


‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential, is invisible to the eye.’

(Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)