Suzanne Reynaert

Google Rein and you find 'undisturbed', 'clear', 'pure', 'clean'. To clear [solve misunderstandings]

Rein is also a German boy name, which means "advisor, counselor".


Suzanne means 'lily', which symbolizes purity.

With the name of Suzanne Reynaert she saw that she has a clean task: achieving purity and clarity: How do I get along with myself and be true (read: caring) to myself?


This process is already well known to her. After working for 10 years in business services, she certainly knew: she would not be happy with this work. She wanted to follow her heart, but what did her heart really want? After a coaching program, she has set everything in motion and dis-covered her passion: working for and with people and giving them a good feeling. With a body-oriented coaching training

she made a new start. By listening to her heart and being nice to herself, she now does the work she really likes.


Being good to yourself, it sounds so easy. Pampering yourself with material matters can be very nice and fulfills a particular need. But do you also listen to the actual need of your body and mind?

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