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List Cleo Tjitrodopo (NVST)


Under the message of BATC (professional association Suzanne Reynaert) regarding reimbursements:

Due to the huge differences and uncertainties in the more than 100 additional healthcare policies, it is not feasible for 2019 to give any advice. The comparison websites have made their work of it.

Ask your BATC therapist her / his AGB care provider code and ask via e-mail whether you are eligible for reimbursement with your supplementary insurance for treatment by the BATC Therapist.

Do not make a call but request written proof before the treatment takes place.

The health care insurer must clearly state which work forms will be reimbursed to you. Don't ask for it yourself.

Anderzorg, Hema, Interpolis and Just offer no reimbursements for alternative medicine

The BATC care provider is not reimbursed by the VGZ group (incl. IptiQ), DSW, Pro-Life, Amersfoortse and "Zorg en Zekerheid".