By yoga, we usually mean in the West, hatha yoga, a system of exercises to gain control of (especially) body and mind.


Yoga (Sanskrit: योग, "yuk", "unite", "master", also "reborn") is in its broad context: a Hindu philosophy that teaches to control the mind, the feeling and the body to reach the association with God. In a more common, western concept, with yoga it is meant to be hatha yoga: a type of yoga (hatha-yoga) that consists of a system of exercises.

(Source: Dutch Wikipedia)


For whom?

Yoga is suitable for everyone in a normal condition. Important:

  • Please provide the teacher the details that may hinder you before class. If an exercise doesn't feel good, do not do it.

  • Do not eat 1.5 to 2 hours before class.

  • Do not do inversions in during menstrual periods.

  • Come on well in time.



Our studio is in Eastern Amsterdam and we offer the following yoga classes:

  • Hatha basics yoga, in  which the basis will be explained. Suitable for everyone.

  • Hatha vinyasa yoga, a form of yoga in which dynamic and static attitudes are interchanged and in which movement will be connected with the breath. A Minimum of six months experience of yoga is required.

  • Yin Yang Yoga, class with a nice energetic yang flow which will melt into the depths of a deep restorative yin class that brings you into the silence of a fine meditative state.

  • Yoga Nidra, after a short warming up you lie comfortably on your mat where you only listen to the instructions of the teacher. Body and mind recover on a deep level.