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Looking for some relaxation within your vivid and sometimes hectic life? Get off that train. We invite you to step out and focus on yourself. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. 

Suzanne Reynaert
Naturopathic therapist & yoga teacher




3 Trial classes yoga for € 15

Do not wait and buy 3 trial classes for € 15 (valid for 2 weeks) 

Start now and fill in the form. Click here.

"Suzanne is a chair massage therpapist at my office and regularly gives me deep tissue massages. Her massages are a good blend of body and mind and it's very easy to surrrender to the massage. You can also have great conversations about yoga and philosophy. A massage therapist with content for the high end client ;). Suzanne is also always working to improve her massages and greatly meets the personal needs."
Erik Vollebregt

Partner at Axon Lawyers

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