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Naturopathic therapy

For whom?

Natural medicine therapy is for those who want to change, grow, want to develop further and want more out of life.


My form of natural medicine therapy is applicable to a variety of physical and / or emotional complaints such as:

• Stress

• Restlessness

• Insomnia

• Fatigue

• Back problems

• Neck problems

• Abdominal pain

• Headache

• Vague complaints




Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest has a holistic approach.


Holism (Greek: holon: the whole) is the idea that the characteristics of a system (physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, etc.) can not be explained by taking the sum of only its components.


Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest will examine together with you your physical, emotional, social and spiritual sides. I guide you in achieving your goals and giving you different techniques to feel better and happier.


Feeling better means finding the balance in both physical and mental fields. Aligning and connecting your body and mind will make you feel more balanced.

Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest is very diverse. Depending on your need, a consultation may consist of coaching / body-oriented techniques, making a diet and exercise plan, breathing / relaxation techniques, yoga therapy or massage. I work according to the 5 nature principles.


For more info mail to or call 06-432 46 232

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